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4WEST Inc. is a travel consulting and management aggregator website offering booking service with the largest selection of holidays, accommodation, flights, tours, restaurants and rentals across 157 countries and territories worldwide. It is owned and operated by 4West inc with it's head office in Montenegro. Other services includes offering experiences for luxury, privacy, priority and above all comfort delivered across the globe. We also offer aviation support in areas such as aircraft charter, leasing, facilitation and brokerage.

Our Mission

Although we have a lot of players in our industry, what sets us apart is the attention to detail we give you our guest. Our priority is ensuring your comfort, safety, security and above all value for money paid, this is achieved by maintaining the highest standard, nothing less. Adding valve to our guest is what we take pride in doing, whether through our global partners or a dedicated 24/7 call center. Overall providing the best service ever.

4west Team

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Travel Management & Aviation Support | Podgorica MONTENEGRO
Boris Joknic


Travel Management & Aviation Support | Podgorica MONTENEGRO
Aleksandar Klimovic

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